Mego Afek was founded  in the mid1960’s at Kibbutz Afek in the North of Israel as a company producing pressure gauges.

Based on the know-how in compression technology and in cooperation with Professor Avigdor Zelikovski, Chief of Vascular Surgery at Beilinson Hospital in central Israel the company has developed the Lympha Press® Line of medical devices for lymphedema treatment.

As a pioneered technological solution, the Lympha Press® line was tested extensively in major teaching hospitals and clinics internationally, with published medical research .

Over the years, based on our innovative technology and production capabilities, additional product lines were developed.

  • A full and extensive line for lymphedema and venous insufficiency treatment
  • Systems treating Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Systems to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

In recent years, Mego Afek has also developed a line of aesthetic solutions and therapeutic techniques for muscular fast recovery and rehab used by sportsmen, all based on our medical technology.